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Additional functions

The elcombri Translator offers the following useful additional functions:

SaveSave all search results
To save all search results into a text file, choose the option "Save search results..." in the file menu. A new window opens where you can save the results.

CopyCopy a word to the clipboard
To copy a word of the search results in the clipboard, right-click on the word and select "Copy to clipboard".

RestoreRestore a backed dictionary
If you should have created a backup when importing a new dictionary file or if you should have performed an OnlineUpdate for the second time, you can restore the old dictionary. After choosing the option "Restore backed dictionary" in the extras menu, the old one will be available again.

ReloadReload the dictionary
If you should want to reload the dictionary for some reason, you can do that in the extras menu with the option "Reload dictionary".

UmlautsInsert umlauts
If there is no compatible keyboard, umlauts (Ä, Ö, Ü, ß) can be inserted by right-clicking into the search field and choosing the desired letter.

UpdatesCheck for programme updates
With the option "Check for programme updates" in the help menu, you can check for a new version of the elcombri Translator.
By default, the programme automatically checks for a new version every month. You can disable this feature in the settings of the programme.

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