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Install the elcombri Translator

Install the elcombri Translator

The installation of the elcombri Translator is different for each operating system. Follow the instructions for you operating system to install the programme.
You need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed!

Installation for Windows

For Windows operating systems, there are 2 files avilable.
The Setup-EXE is the easiest way to install the elcombri Translator. Just open that file and follow the instructions on your screen.
The compressed ZIP-File comes without an installer and has to be uncompressed with a ZIP utility. After that, you can run the programme by opening the file named "translator.exe"

Installation for other operating systems

For operating systems other than Windows, you need the JAR-Archive. This can be executed with every operating system by the following command:

java -jar -Xmx128m translator.jar

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