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Install the Java Runtime Environment

To run the elcombri Translator, you need the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Where you can download the JRE and how to install it on you operating system is described in the following steps:

1. Download the Java Runtime Environment from sun
The JRE can be downloaded at There are different files for each operating system. Choose the right file for your operating system and start the download by clicking on the button "Download".

2. Installation
The install instructions are also depending on your system. You can read them by clicking on the link "Instructions".

3. Verify installation
On the page, you can verify the installation of the JRE. Start the process by clicking on the button "Verify installation". After a short while you can read the result on your screen.

After you have installed the current version, you can start the installation of the elcombri Translator.

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