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The Settings

The Settings
The settings give you the chance to customize the elcombri Translator. After you have modified a setting, you have to restart the programme.

Here you can specify a default search keyword. The search direction can also be specified or the last one can be restored.

Symbol size
The symbols on the toolbar can be small, medium or large.

By default, the regular expression ".*" is automatically appended to the search keyword. You can deactivate this feature with the according option. More information about regular expressions can be found in the help arcticle Search translations.

You can choose between German and English. The programme can also detect the language automatically on every start.

The paths for saving the personal settings and the dictionary in can be specified here.
To disable the automatic restoring of the window size and position, uncheck the according option.
By default, the dictionary automatically loads on starting, but you can disable this function and do that manually in the extras menu.
The update function which checks for programme updates every month can be disabled here.

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