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Search translations

Search translations

Follow the 3 steps to search for a word.
A dictionary must exist and must have been loaded.

1st step: Enter a search keyword
Enter the desired search keyword into the search field. There are several regular expressions available. Here are the most used ones: 

ca constant character c
.any one character
.*any character any times
*the character before the star any times
?the character before the question mark no or one time
+the character before the plus sign at least one time
{n,m}the character before the peg n to m times
{n}the character before the peg exactly n times
[...]any character in the peg
[...-...]any characters from ... to ...
[^...] [^...-...]no character from the peg
a1|a2either expression a1 or expression a2
(...)grouping expressions with pegs
\escape sign

2nd step: Choose a search direction
Choose the desired search direction (English-German or German-English).

3rd step: Start searching
Click on the button "Search" to start the search process.

The search results are shown in the bottom part of the programme, if there are any.

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